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1Oleg Mosin[Russia], Ignat Ignatov[Bulgaria]Studying of Isotopic Effects of Deuterium in Biological Objects 2015, March2275
2Mohammad Asif[India]Antimicrobial Potential of Nicotinic Acid Derivatives Against Various Pathogenic Microbes2014, September1994
3Oleg Mosin[Russia], Ignat Ignatov[Bulgaria], Dmitry Skladnev[Russia], Vitaly Shvets[Russia]Biosynthetic incorporation of deuterium-labeled aromatic amino acids - [2,3,4,5,6-2H5]phenylalanine, [3,5-2H2]tyrosine and [2,4,5,6,7-2H5]tryptophan into the molecule of transmembrane protein bacteriorhodopsin from halobacterium Halobacterium halobium E2014, December1853
4Lili Janiashvili[Georgia], Giuli Andronikashvili[Georgia], Archil Varadashvili[Georgia], Mzia Gagolishvili[Georgia]Heterofunctional Condensation of α,ω - Bis (Aminodimethylsilil) Tetramethyl - Cyclodisilazanes With Dichloranhydride Tereftalic Acids and α,ω - Bis (β - Carboxyethyl) Dimethylsiloxanes2014, September1829
5Ignat Ignatov[Bulgaria], Oleg Mosin[Russia], Hugo Niggli[Switzerland], Christos Drossinakis[Germany], Georg Tyminski[Germany]Methods For Registering Non-Ionizing Radiation Emitted From The Human Body2015, March1829
6Mehmood A. Kalwar[Pakistan], Hakim A. Sahito[Pakistan], Barkat A. Kalwar[Pakistan], Madan Lal[Pakistan], Shahnawaz Fazlani[Pakistan]Repellency and Antifeedant of Ticks Through Ethno Plant Extracts and Ivermectin on Buffalo Calves2014, September1795
7B.N. Nagalaxmi[India], C. Viswanatha[Ethiopia], K. Ramakrishna Reddy[India], K.B. Chandrasekhar[India], N. Donappa[India]Determination of Trace Amount of Cd (II) by using a Chromogenic reagent Diacetylmonoxime-3-amino-4-hydroxy benzoyl hydrazone (DMAHBH) with UV-Visible Spectrophotometry2015, June1779
8Ekaterina A. Fedorova[Russia], Larisa N. Maskaeva[Russia], Vyacheslav F. Markov[Russia]The Thermodynamic Estimation of Forming Possibility of Cu2–xSe thin Films and Investigation of the Composition and Morphology2014, December1716
9Nina V. Zarubina[Russia], Ivan V. Zarubin[Russia], Larisa N. Maskaeva[Russia], Vyacheslav F. Markov[Russia]Composition, Structure, Morphology of thin Films Produced by Hydrochemical Deposition in PbSe-CdSe System2015, March1687
10Marat I. Abdullin[Russia], Azamat A. Basyrov[Russia], Sergey N. Nikolaev[Russia], Yuliya A. Koksharova[Russia], Nikolay V. Koltaev[Russia]Defining the Conditions of ЗD Printing Using Abs Plastic2014, September1646

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